Monday, March 1, 2010


Curriculum Vitae

Small Pot of Vaseline

I am a conveniently sized metal pot of high quality petroleum jelly. My contents provide excellent protection for the lips or other sensitive areas of skin during both winter and summer months.

* I graced the handbag of Lucy Jeffers, twice featured in Tatler, who took me to her seaside retreat as well as skiing.
* I was stocked at Boots in High St Kensington where I sold within a week.

Work History
04/10 - 06/10 Handbag Accessory I worked for Lucy Jeffers as a handbag accessory. Duties included having my contents spread over the lips for a variety of reasons such as; wind chill protection, restoring lips after heavy kissing and preventing seawater induced cracking.

04/10 - 04/10 Stock Item I was stocked by Boots the chemist in their High Street Kensington branch. My main duties were to pose in an attractive manner as part of a small, till situated, display.

I was manufactured in Norway from 100% petrolatum and successfully passed all quality control checks.

Spare Time Activities
I love to hang out with other cosmetics, either in a bag or on small bathroom shelves.

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