Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Gallon Plastic Jug

Curriculum Vitae
5 Gallon Plastic Jug

I am a plastic jug with a capacity of 5 gallons. You can attach a spigot for ease of pouring.

* In conjunction with a rope and a spare anchor I was used as an improvised float to mark the spot where captain Jack lost his watch overboard. At low tide the watch was recovered.
* I stored a 35% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide safely for three years.

Work History
04/07 - 04/10 Hydrogen Peroxide Storage.
My main duty was to keep a solution of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide in safe storage whilst at sea. I worked aboard a recreational fishing boat based in Ramsgate. Jack Dooley, my captain, loved to take friends fishing at the weekend. He would turn to me after a long day at sea to help him clean dried fish blood from the cockpit.

My former contents were manufactured by the Guangzhou Jinzhujiang Chemical Co.,Ltd. China (Mainland) I was produced by Yantai Sea-great Packing co, Ltd, also of China (Mainland).

Spare Time Activities
My work required constant vigilance as Hydrogen Peroxide is a potentially corrosive substance. However my recent lack of employment has led to me spending a good deal of time on the beach sunbathing.

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