Friday, March 5, 2010

Ganesh Statue

Curriculum Vitae
Gold plated Ganesh Statue

I am a small resin statue of Ganesh with 24 ct gold plated detail and paste diamonds.

* I lived in pride of place on a small shelf in the cabin of Mr Pravesh Bedi.
* Mr Pravesh Bedi worshiped me on a regular basis.

Work History
07/07 - 03/10 Personal idol. I was purchased by Mr Pravesh Bedi in the summer of 2007 and began working for him immediately. My main duties were the removal of objects, both physical and spiritual, though I was occasionally called on to place objects in the path of those Mr Bedi believed needed to be checked. I was credited with the removal of all obstacles in the way of Mr Bedi obtaining work aboard the tanker Jag Pushpa.

10/04 - 07/07 Stock Item. Aavkar is a jewellery shop/small manufacturer based in the Gurukrupa shopping centre in Chhani. I was placed in the shop window where my main duty was to entice customers inside in order to facilitate purchases.

I passed all quality control checks of Mr Jatin at Aavkar 7/C Gurukrupa shopping center, Ramakaka Road, PO, Chhani 391740 Vadodara – Gujarat, India

Spare Time Activities
I have recently discovered swimming.

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