Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fish Crate

Curriculum Vitae
Stacking Fish Crate

I am an injection moulded plastic stacking fish crate.

* I was used for five years aboard the fishing boat SCH 7 known as "Lucky Seven" to transfer fish from the hold to portside.
* I passed all quality control checks at Craemer UK Ltd.

Work History
15/06 - 03/11 Fish Storage.
My main duties were to store fish that had been taken from the hold so that they could be transferred to portside. I would then accompany the fish to United Fish Auctions in Stellendam where they were sold. I was owned by United Fish Auctions but provided for use by the captain of Lucky Seven, a small fishing vessel that operated out of Rotterdam.

I was manufactured in Great Britain by Craemer UK Ltd of Telford Shropshire. I was injection moulded from high-quality unmixed HDPE. This choice of material in combination with the manufacturer’s claim to high quality is a guarantee for my durability and resilience.

Spare Time Activities
I have always worked extremely hard and never really had any spare time. When not carrying fish I was required to remain on standby, stacked with my mates, ready for use.