Monday, March 1, 2010

Plastic Bucket

Curriculum Vitae

Plastic bucket with metal handle.

I am a small sized bucket with a metal handle. I am of solid construction and have proved to be extremely useful in the past. I am flexible and reliable. I can work alone or with a brush as part of a team. Although I was manufactured to hold paint this is a task I have not been required to undertake in my career to date.

* I worked on a recreational fishing boat where I was used as a temporary store for fresh bait.
* I worked on a large container ship in conjunction with a scrubbing brush.

Work History
07/09 - 02/ 10 Fresh Bait Store. I met Mr Jessop following a chance encounter in Whitstable Bay. Immediately perceiving my potential he gave me work on board the motor cruiser Toffee where I was used to store fresh bait - mostly lugworms.

04/02 - 07/09 Bucket/Brush Team Leader. I spent seven years on board the Dutch container ship Aerandir as she carried cargo between Rostock in Germany and Eemshaven in the Netherlands. Working in conjunction with several different scrubbing brushes over the years my task was to hold fresh water whilst the brush was deployed to clean salt from a variety of surfaces in an attempt to minimize corrosion.

I was manufactured at the Suzhou Fanshang Plastic factory in Xinlian Village, Huqiu Town, Jiangsu where I passed all relevant quality control checks.

Spare Time Activities

I enjoy holding warm, soapy water whenever the opportunity arises.

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