Friday, April 1, 2011

Curriculum Vitae
Masthead Burgee

I am a polyester fabric burgee in need of slight repair.

* Won the Holden Cup with Tom Stewart in 2004.
* I passed all quality control checks at RWO Marine Equipment Ltd.

Work History
15/03 - 04/11 Masthead Burgee.
As a masthead burgee my primary duty was to indicate wind direction accurately. I sailed with Tom Stewart for many years, fixed to the masthead of his Merlin Rocket dinghy. I was a trusted part of the team and despite the ravages of wind and salt spray maintained my position for eight years. During this time I helped Tom to win the Holden Cup and various other important races. In recent times the failure of my stainless steel shaft meant I became separated from Tom and his dinghy. I feel that with the addition of a relatively inexpensive replacement stainless steel shaft I could once again compete at the highest levels of dinghy sailing.

I was manufactured by RWO Marine Equipment Ltd at their plant in Benfleet, Essex and passed all quality control tests.

Spare Time Activities
Between races I used to hang out with other pieces of dinghy racing equipment. I have recently discovered the beach life though I do miss the high pressure atmosphere of race days.

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